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CBD Regulatory Myths You Should Be Aware of Before Starting Your CBD Business

February 6, 2020 By Our Own CEO, Stefani Thionnet

When starting your CBD business, there are a lot of elements to consider. Whether you’re marketing Custom CBD products to pets like Private Label Functional Soft Chews for Dogs or Stock Private Label Doggy SOS – Hemp CBD Oil Pain Relief & Mood Support Dogs & Cats , or you’re offering CBD products to humans like Hemp CBD Oils, Facial Creams, Capsules, Tinctures, or Pain Creams like Private Label Supplement’s CBD Muscle Comfort Cream there’s a lot to know before you begin. I firmly believe that it’s important to err on the side of caution when it comes to a new category of consumables. Asking a lot of questions is essential to your long-term success.

One aspect of your business will be understanding CBD regulations and how they relate to what you are offering Clients, whether you’re selling Private Label Hemp Seed Oil, pain creams, facial creams, tinctures, capsules, Hemp CBD Oils or other CBD products. However, there are also several myths surrounding CBD, its uses and legalities, so it’s crucial to know what’s real and what isn’t. Here are some regulatory myths that will provide much-needed clarity to help you start your CBD business with correct information.

Myth: CBD is Completely Legal Since it’s No Longer a Controlled Substance

The legality of CBD is pretty complicated and can be a bit overwhelming. It’s important to understand every part of it if you want to be successful but still approach it cautiously. While many say it’s legal everywhere, the FDA’s guidelines have not been issued, so CBD remains in a gray area. I’ll explain this more in this section.

You never want to rush and risk running into an unforeseen liability. You have to consider what states you want to base your business in as well as where you want to make your product line available. CBD is really unique because it’s regulated on the state and federal levels.

A federal Farm Bill passed in 2018
descheduled industrial Hemp and other
derivatives to exclude CBD from the
Controlled Substances Act when it is
produced to comply with existing state
that completely outlaw CBD products of
hemp programs. There are still three states
any kind – Idaho, Nebraska and South

The FDA is tasked with creating industry standards, regulations and overall guidelines for the CBD industry. Those guidelines have not been issued yet. Not all states have changed their laws regarding CBD to reflect the changes of the 2018 Farm Bill to the legality of hemp-derived CBD products.

Because some states have passed specific hemp, CBD and cannabis laws, they are able to implement specific laws surrounding CBD products. Before starting your CBD business, check with your state to ensure you know the specific laws and regulations there.

Myth: Because the FDA has Approved CBD, All Claims are Substantiated

The FDA has not given the green light substantiating every claim of healing made regarding CBD. The FDA maintains that any source of CBD is considered an active ingredient and has voiced concerns regarding disease treatment and consumer safety claims found on CBD products that are yet to be approved. They have also stated their commitment to consider whether circumstances exist that would permit certain CBD compounds to be included in a dietary or food supplement.

In order for claims of healing or efficacy
to be substantiated, clinical trials must be
conducted in multiple phases.the results of
these trials must be considered and the
product/s used must be approved.it’s
unknown how this process will be handled
now that industrial hemp is considered and agricultural crop in the U.s.

CBD companies cannot say that their product cures, treats or ameliorates any specific health condition. It is important to know this information as youstart your new business to prevent difficulties with Google, the FDA and other agencies. No health claims can be made whatsoever.

Myth: The 2018 Farm Bill is Preemptive of All State Laws

The 2018 Farm Bill is not preemptive of laws that are more stringent than those that are found in the bill concerning hemp production. Various sections of the bill provide for certain circumstances, so it’s important to study it carefully or ask for an explanation.

There are some considerations found on the state level. California, for example, stands by the FDA’s position that it is illegal to use CBD in dietary supplements or foods. You should familiarize yourself with the regulations on a state-by-state basis and according to the specific product when thinking about entering a specific market.

Myth: The Legalizing of CBD Permits you to Advertise Wherever you Choose

This is not true. There are certain platforms, Google, Instagram and Facebook among them, that prohibit the advertising of CBD, which makes exposing your business to potential customers difficult.

It’s really easy for people to confuse CBD with its intoxicating counterpart THC. CBD does not produce a high, intoxication or the inability to function. THC is the intoxicating cannabinoid.

In regards to advertising, Facebook still sees CBD as a drug. It does not allow any type of drug-related advertising. Instagram is owned by Facebook, so its guidelines are very similar.

Myth: The Legalization of Hemp Means there is no Risk in Selling CBD

Though the 2018 Farm Bill did provide clarity about the industrial hemp status federally, but as I’ve mentioned, FDA guidelines have not been released yet. Many states have local enforcement in place that can be confusing to anyone seeking to sell products that contain it. Much of it surrounds where the CBD is derived from – hemp or cannabis.

Upon starting your CBD business, you’ll want to think about the specific products you wish to sell and how they relate to all of the state and federal regulations surrounding it. The market is quickly expanding and entering into it can be rewarding. While there are plenty of legal uncertainties that can be discouraging, asking questions and keeping up with changes will help you forge a clearer path ahead.

We want to help you get the most out of your new product line. If you have any questions, we’re always here to help. From product selection (stock or custom formulas) to full-scale marketing strategies, our solutions give our Clients an advantage over their competitors.

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